Budget Flights that are not so Budget!

Looking to book a budget flight but finding it’s not so budget?

All too often, I find that when I visit the key budget airline websites seeking a flight bargain they actually return prices which are more expensive than the standard flag carriers.  For example, a recent search for flights from London airports to Faro in August (yep I know, school holidays and peak season!) was resulting in a total price of nearly £1,700 on easyJet whilst British Airways was coming in just slightly more expensive at £1,900.  A typical example of where budget is just not so budget!
However, all is not lost.  If you do a little out of the box thinking and are prepared to inconvenience yourself slightly budget deals can still be had.  Taking the above route, flight from Glasgow to Faro for 3 were coming in at just over £650.  Flights from Luton to Glasgow cost £180, giving a total cost of getting from London Luton to Faro of £830 – close to £900 off the direct option.  Granted, it means your journey time increases and you have to accept that you will need to check in/collect your baggage twice, but with these kind of savings surely it’s worth a look!
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