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iHotel-Search.com is an independent hotels comparison service. What we do is use a simple but smart search to compare the live prices for hotel rooms across all the major booking sites such as Expedia, LateRooms, lastminute.com, hotels.com etc. etc.

We do not sell hotels ourselves as all bookings are made by clicking through to the hotel site where the price was obtained. The prices we display are the same as if you had searched the different sites yourself. There is NO bias in the results and NO additional mark-up on the prices. The results shown are in order of lowest price first and are aggregated on hotel name.  You can then subsequently sort and filter the results to match your specific preferences.

We have access to over 200,000 hotels in every corner of the world, and every time you search our price comparison engine queries over 200 of the leading online hotel booking engines; returning the cheapest available online price for your chosen hotel.  You click, you book, you save!

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