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Why use a Travel Price Comparison Site?

01 Nov 2014

There are many benefits of using a price comparison aggregator like  Here are just a few of them: –  All the best deals on one single platform. –  Multiple categories of product in one place. –  Information and priceing is fast and easy to access. –  Our site will save you time. –  You will get the best hotel @ the best price. – …

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27 Aug 2014

If you’re planning your next trip overseas, don’t just wing it.  Check out our top 10 tips to ensure you have a safe trip and get the most out of it. Here’s our Editors Top 10 Snappy Travel Tips. 1.  Don’t carry your wallet, mobile phone or other valuables in back pocket. 2. Take photocopies and/or online Cloud copies of all your key travel documents …

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WEXAS Top 50 Worldwide Journeys

26 May 2014

Global travel provider Wexas has just published its Top 50 Worldwide Journeys.  It provides a fascinating insight into a wide variety of destinations worldwide.  The top 3 make for interesting reading: 1.  Botswana Safari 2.  Kenya Safari & Coast 3.  Madagascar Discovery Not a single sun lounger to be found! Why not check out some of the great hotels you could stay in en-route to …

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UK Travel Money Rockets

19 Apr 2014

According to research undertaken by the Post Office a traveler to South Africa or Turkey this year would find a £500 holiday spend netting an extra £115 in the local currency. Over the past 12 months, sterling has climbed 10% against the dollar and 4% against the euro, whilst other typical British holidaymaker destinations have also faired particularly well.  For example, holiday destinations such as South …

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Budget Flights that are not so Budget!

03 Apr 2014

Looking to book a budget flight but finding it’s not so budget? All too often, I find that when I visit the key budget airline websites seeking a flight bargain they actually return prices which are more expensive than the standard flag carriers.  For example, a recent search for flights from London airports to Faro in August (yep I know, school holidays and peak season!) …

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The Gambia – The Smiling Coast

23 Jan 2014

Although The Gambia is in West Africa, it is only 6 hours from the UK and, surprisingly, there is no time difference – you can be by the pool or in the sea on the same day as you fly and with no jet lag! In The Gambia, an English-speaking former British colony, you can indulge in a single or multi-centre beach holiday, journey upriver, …

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Europe’s Hidden Treasures – The Outer Hebrides of Scotland

23 Jan 2014

Recently voted by TripAdvisor as the top island destination in Europe and one of the top 5 in the world the islands of Lewis and Harris provide an enticing holiday destination.  Described as being “like stepping into the pages of a Scottish fairy tale”, a visit to the Isle of Lewis and Harris is a must for any serious traveller.

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